User guide 

Access the Maternity Information Matrix (MIM) here: Explore the MIM or click on the Explore the MIM tab at the top of the page. Data collections and data items are organised in a table on this page.

'Jump to' links on the page let you move more quickly around the table by taking you to specific categories of data items.
Data collections
  • Data collections feature as links in the blue ribbon spanning the third row of the table.
  • Data collection overviews contain more information about each data collection. 
  • Click on a data collection to access its data collection overview.  
Data items
  • Links to data items feature on the first column in the matrix and are grouped into categories.
  • Click on a data item to find specific information about the data item and the collections they are part of.

Green dots in the matrix table indicate that the data item (listed in the first column) appears in the collection (specified in the top row).
To search the MIM, use Ctrl-F to find words on the page.

Navigation summary:

Collections that don’t appear in the MIM table

One collection does not feature in the MIM because it is highly specialised and contains numerous data items unique to those collections. Instead, a data collection overview is available to provide information about this important information system. The data collection overview is available to find more information about this data collection: